I believe in a

“What’s going on with the building next to Town hall?!”

Whether speaking to residents directly or engaging with them on Facebook, this is the question I get most often and welcome any opportunity to answer it. While some regurgitate misinformation they’ve been spoon-fed from what they think is a legitimate Facebook news page, others are truly curious to the story behind my property on Washington Avenue.

My response is always the same direct, honest answer: ‘Nothing is going on!’ I then tell curious residents that the real question to ask is, ‘Why?’ While I’ve answered this question countless times, I will break it down here in one succinct answer along with irrefutable documentation. The documentation has been out there all along, but depending on where you get your news, you probably have never seen it published.

I’m going to begin with the when and why I was forced to file my lawsuit. I will then chronicle ad nauseam the retaliation I’ve suffered and continue to suffer.





This is probably the question I get most often.  Due to recent inquires from members of the Council and 'concerned' residents, I recently wrote a letter to the Township Manager, explaining precisely what's happening, or, more accurately, what's not happening and why...