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Sessa's Corner: Putting the Mayor on the Hot Seat!

Topics Covered:
2:20 How would I describe the first two years?
4:30 Taxes...
5:35 Biggest Accomplishments: The Team I've built.
6:48 Taxes...
11:34 Covid19, Budget, Lawsuits & $1.6M owed to Newark for back water charges
19:10 The Team: Township Manager
20:25 Taxes...
23:50 Lead in the Water
28:30 Lead Line Replacement
34:20 Area in need of Rehabilitation/Redevelopment, PILOTS & Using Developer money for an Indoor Turf Facility?
46:42 New Program: Free Money for Home Improvements
48:08 Development Updates
52:50 Turf Facilities, Municipal Stadium Complex at the HS, Newark Reservoir as a Park!
1:02:50 Recreation Fees & Feeder Program
1:12:34 Health Benefits
1:20:25 Post Office
1:25:18 Covid19 Masks
1:30:26 What else can we expect?

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