I believe in a

The measure of a man is not necessarily his title or his position, but rather how he treats others. - Victor L. Brown

Normally I would be too embarrassed to showcase such awfulness in our community, especially in light of so much positivity. However, in this case, I believe then ends justify the means because residents deserve to know, especially just before an election, exactly how an elected official, a current BOE Trustee, speaks, in his own words, to fellow humans, colleagues, women and those not born in this Country.

Now that I have obtained the complete email thread, it is posted below. I must plead with anyone who has already viewed the entire thread on Mr. Sheldon's FB page to delete the file and not share. Mr. Sheldon more than likely broke another law by publishing privileged content. The email thread linked below is a file which contains redactions provided by the District.

I remain shocked that this man would receive the endorsement of the Belleville Teacher's Union, who have already paid for a mailer and his lawn signs. Perhaps, they will reconsider.
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